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47 EASY Fruit Desserts

Fruit desserts can be a great way to introduce a variety of fruits to your diet. Sometimes you may not like a particular fruit because of how less sweet or sour it is. But a dessert made with it might just be irresistible.

Fruit desserts can be a great idea for potlucks, dinner parties, or kids' birthdays. Eating desserts at times can make you feel a bit guilty about indulging in sweets but when it has fruits, you can always treat it as healthy 🙂

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What is a fruit dessert?

In simple words, a fruit dessert is a dessert that has one or more fruits as one of the main ingredients which give a unique flavor and taste to the dessert.

Sometimes fruits can by themselves reduce the amount of sugar or sweetener required in the dessert and making it a healthier alternative.

What are some ways you could use fruit as a dessert?

Fruits are filled with lot of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Every fruit has its own unique benefits. One or more fruit can be used to make fruit desserts.

Some fruits are seasonal and also specific to some regions and they make very unique desserts. Fruits can be used to make a variety of desserts like

  • Desserts for summer - popsicles, ice creams, sorbets, and other frozen desserts
  • Desserts for winter - puddings, tarts
  • Baked desserts - cakes, pies
  • Filled desserts - fruit-filled puff pastry

This is a collection of easy fruit desserts using a variety of fruits. You will be able to find a perfect fruit dessert for summer, winter, potlucks, kids parties, dinner parties, or just for yourself!

How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate dipped strawberries are perfect for gifting for occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or just even a get-together. Check out how to make chocolate covered strawberries with white chocolate or dark chocolate using an instant pot as a double boiler. Decorate them with sprinkles and icing as per your choice!
Check out this recipe
chocolate strawberries in a plate

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake Bars
The easiest, vegan blueberry cheesecake bars that are completely no fuss! The perfect combination of sweet and tangy and only require 10 ingredients!
Check out this recipe

Fresh Peach Pie
This no-bake fresh peach pie is an easy way to homemade peach bliss! Low sugar too! One of the most gorgeous and tasty desserts to cross your summer table!
Check out this recipe

Fruit Cream Dessert
Fruit cream is a gluten free and kid friendly dessert made with heavy cream and fresh fruits. Check out how to make fruit cream dessert recipe at home. It is a perfect 15 minute dessert for special occasions.
Check out this recipe
fruit cream

3 Ingredients Strawberry Mousse – Coconut Strawberry Mousse (V+GF)
3 Ingredients Strawberry Mousse - Vegan Glutenfree Recipe: Creamy, light and an absolutely divine mousse made using strawberries and coconut. Its also known as Coconut Strawberry Mousse and is perfect for a quick dessert especially on Valentines. Can you imagine Valentine’s without a dessert recipe…
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Mango Cheesecake Ice Cream
Mango cheesecake ice cream is a no-egg ice cream made with cream cheese, mango pulp, and topped with graham cracker crumbles. Cream cheese ice cream is churned and then mango pulp swirls are made in it. This is a true crowd-pleaser homemade mango ice cream recipe!
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3 mango cheesecake ice cream scoops.

Kiwi Pineapple Sorbet (only 4 ingredients!)
Today I will show you how to make Kiwi Pineapple Sorbet at home without an ice cream maker. There is nothing like a delicious frozen dessert on a hot summer day. And this one is
Check out this recipe

Vegan Apple Pie
(ad) The secret to the perfect vegan apple pie? Cook the apples before baking! This delicious pie is a plant-based twist on the classic dessert.
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Apple Cinnamon Bread (easy and extra soft) – Milk and Pop
My apple cinnamon bread may be just what you’re looking for: moist and extra soft, this delicious loaf will satisfy all your apple cravings!
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Indian Custard Recipe | Fruit Salad
Indian custard or fruit salad is a 3 ingredient eggless dessert recipe made with custard powder. Seasonal fruits are topped with creamy custard sauce which can be made effortlessly in an instant pot or on stovetop.
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indian custard in a bowl with fruits and tutti frutti

Pineapple Halwa Recipe (Pineapple Sheera | Kesari) - Spice Up The Curry
A delicious and keeper pineapple halwa recipe!! It is also called pineapple sheera or pineapple kesari in other regions of India.
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Pitaya Mango Banana Nice Cream Recipe • Veggie Society
Vegan tropical mango nice cream recipe made with frozen bananas, pitaya (dragon fruit) and mangos. The best summer dessert, dairy, oil and gluten free.
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No Bake Mix Fruit Pie Desserts - Yummy Tales Of Tummy
A simple, naturally sweet dessert No Bake Mix Fruit Pie, is gluten free and full of fibre rich fruits and dried berrries. It’s indulgent, yet light.
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Vegan Cherry Pie
This easy vegan cherry pie is so delicious and easy to make! Made with a crisp, buttery homemade crust and a sweet vanilla, lemon and cherry filling!
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Spicy Pineapple Popsicles
4 ingredient Pineapple Popsicles make an easy and healthy summertime treat. They are vegan, paleo, and sweetener free! It’s been awhile since I shared a popsicle recipe with you guys! Last summer to be exact - I shared these ginger peach popsicles and coconut kiwi ones. I’m surprised I haven’t share…
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Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
This Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe boasts a tender flaky crust, and full body fruit flavor that anyone can enjoy, gluten free or not!
Check out this recipe

Anjeer Kulfi Using Ice Cream Maker
Anjeer kulfi is an Indian ice cream made with dried figs, heavy cream and evaporated milk without using condensed milk. It is one of the easiest dried fig dessert recipes. Checkout how to make this crowd pleaser anjeer kulfi recipe in ice cream maker.
Check out this recipe
anjeer kulfi dried fig kulfi

Easy Peach Cobbler
Who doesn’t love a warm peach cobbler right from the oven? An easy peach cobbler makes it even better. This peach cobbler won’t require you to even pull out your mixer. Just a good old …
Check out this recipe

Dessert Taco Shells
Bake a batch of sweet tortilla shells and set out a dessert taco bar! These sweet tacos make a great snack or dessert.
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Vegan Blueberry Chai Creamsicles | The Simple Green
Sweet summer blueberries and chai spice come together in these vegan blueberry chai creamsicles. The perfect summer flavour combination!
Check out this recipe

How To Make Vegan Mango Sorbet
Vegan Mango Sorbet made in five minutes using only mangoes and nothing else. A delicous natural recipe for the whole family to enjoy, all you need to start is...
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Mango Kulfi - food-trails
Rich and Creamy Mango Kulfi Recipe without any Cream, Condensed Milk
Check out this recipe

Cast Iron Skillet Blackberry Crumble
Cast Iron Skillet Blackberry Crumble is bursting with the bubbly deliciousness of perfectly ripe blackberries and lemon zest, all topped with a buttery, crisp crumble. Less then 10 minutes of preparation never tasted so good! There is almost no better (or easier!) way to turn one of your favorite su…
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Watermelon Dessert “Pizza” | Health My Lifestyle
This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here.This is the perfect summer treat—sweet AND refreshing. And 100% plant-based using vegan coconut whipped cream that you can make easily at home! This recipe is inspired by Goodful—my sister-in-law sent me the recipe video and I’m so glad…
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Orange Semolina Cake in Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker
This vegetarian eggless Semolina / Rava Cake topped with the gorgeous orange flavor is easy to make in the Pressure Cooker, and is fluffy and moist cake!
Check out this recipe

Plum Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream
This recipe takes only about forty-five minutes in total, so if you have last minute company, you can make it in a pinch!
Check out this recipe

Summer best Mango Basil Sorbet
that cold mango treat for the heat wave helps to cool down the body without the heavy cream and is such a refreshing treat. here is mango basil sorbet recipe for you.
Check out this recipe

Easy Blueberry Chia Pudding - Vegan, Paleo - Cook At Home Mom
Blueberry Chia Pudding, made with just four simple ingredients. It has lots of fruity flavor and a hint of lemon. Paleo, Vegan.
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Blueberry-Peach Sorbet: the Easiest Sorbet Ever Made
I will not spazz out. I will not spazz out. This is what’s playing on heavy rotation in my brain. I have a house-full of movers right now. As a result, I’m typing these words whilst hiding in my closet and trying to ignore the repetitive sound of boxes scraping against my walls. I. Will....
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Strawberry Apple Crisp with Polenta (Gluten-Free, Vegan)
A sweet & tart strawberry and apple crisp brought to life with a subtle polenta crunch! This tasty and healthy gluten-free & vegan fruit crisp is sure to please the senses!
Check out this recipe

Chocolate Chia Pudding Trifle
This Chocolate Chia Pudding Trifle is a dream come true for every chocolate lover! It is tasty and easy to make with healthy ingredients.
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Oil-Free Microwave Banana Mug Cake
An easy oil-free vegan microwave banana mug cake recipe for all of you sweet lovers. This is perfect as a breakfast or dessert you can have guilt-free. Totally vegan and gluten-free options included. the more
Check out this recipe

The Ultimate Vegan Apple Crumble recipe | The Veg Space
This showstopping vegan apple crumble has a secret ingredient for a perfect crumble topping. Follow the step-by-step photos for perfect results!
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Vegan Banana Date Oatmeal Muffins
These super moist and decadent banana date oatmeal muffins are vegan, sugar-free & can be made gluten-free ! Makes a perfect healthy breakfast or snack.
Check out this recipe

Step by step video recipe of how to make gelatin and eggfree Mango panna cotta.
Check out this recipe

Fabulous Vegan Fruit Pizza
Fabulous vegan fruit pizza starts with a soft-baked sugar cookie crust, then a lightly sweetened cream cheese filling, covered with sliced fresh fruit, and finished with a lemony drizzle.
Check out this recipe

Easy Strawberry Mousse (No Gelatine) - JackSlobodian
This low caloried Strawberry Mousse is fresh, sweet and creamy. It takes just 20 minutes to prepare and uses 4 ingredients.
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Pear and chocolate tart (gluten free, paleo, vegan) | Go Healthy With Bea
Try this easy pear and chocolate tart. This fruit tart is a classic dessert in France. This delicious recipe is healthy, paleo and vegan.
Check out this recipe

Peach Crumble Bars
You’ll need the same dough for the crust and the topping to make these delicious oatmeal peach bars. They are crunchy, soft and slightly chewy bars.
Check out this recipe

Mango Sticky Rice - Authentic Thai Dessert Recipe | Cooking with Nart
Thai Mango Sticky Rice is an addictive dessert that is a unique way to enjoy fresh mangoes. You can indulge yourself in this classic any day!
Check out this recipe

Easy Baked Apples with a Cinnamon Nut Stuffing
Woohoo! December is here. Which means Howie and Kat officially (we made a deal) have to let me post as many Christmas recipes as I want! So here we are. Although I’m usually a savoury man, a little sweetness and light never hurt anyone - that’s why I’m starting with these baked stuffed apples, as op…
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Healthy Baked Pears
These healthy baked pears with cinnamon and maple syrup make the perfect quick and easy dessert that tastes amazing and is sure to impress!
Check out this recipe

Grainfree Blackberry Apple Crumble - Emma Eats & Explores
This Grainfree Blackberry Apple Crumble makes a perfect warm dessert. Grainfree, glutenfree, refined sugarfree, Paleo, SCD, Low Carb & Vegetarian
Check out this recipe

Eggless Banana Walnut Cake in Bread Machine
Soft, moist and eggfree banana walnut cake made in bread machine. This can also be made vegan. It is a kid friendly snack and dessert.
Check out this recipe
banana walnut cake bread machine

Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Cake
This Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Cake is fresh and fruity, full of strawberry flavour, naturally flavoured and coloured! Refined sugar free.
Check out this recipe

Grilled Pineapple with Lime Mint Sauce - this healthy table
This grilled pineapple recipe with minted lime sauce is a gorgeous, simple dessert that makes an already delicious fruit really shine.
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Agar-agar milk pudding with condensed milk and raspberry - So Yummy Recipes
This creamy milk pudding is delicious and the raspberry makes it delightful to enjoy. Especially in the hot summer days when you fancy some cool desserts.
Check out this recipe

Chocolate Covered Orange Peels
A great way to use orange peels is to make chocolate covered orange peels at home. Orange peels are first boiled in water and then boiled in sugar syrup to make candied orange peels. Candied orange peels are then dipped in melting chocolate. Chocolate can be melted in microwave or in instant pot as double boiler. Chocolate covered orange peels make a pleasant holiday gift!
Check out this recipe
orange peel chocolates

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