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15+ Vegan Bread Machine Recipes

Bread machines are one of the most versatile small kitchen appliances, though they are not very common in homes. Bread machines can make bread, cakes, jams, and dough with minimum effort with a press of a button.

This is a compilation of vegan bread machine recipes including bread, jams, and cakes. Most of the recipes included are dump-and-go recipes for making bread, cakes, and jams.

Vegan and egg-free bread dough can be made in the bread machine easily to make a variety of bread like dinner rolls, pizza, burger buns, sourdough bread, and more.

I hope you will enjoy these vegan bread machine recipes and if you do try any of them, please leave feedback in the comments.

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Basic White Bread | Bread Machine
This is a basic white bread recipe for the bread machine. It makes a vegan 1.5 lb sandwich bread that is soft and fluffy. You will find all the tips on how to make bread machine bread fluffy, light, soft, and how to avoid making it dense.
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White bread in Bread Machine

Vegan Dinner Rolls | Bread Machine Recipe
This recipe makes vegan dinner rolls at home using a bread machine. Check out how to make soft, light, and fluffy dinner rolls using bread flour or all-purpose flour.
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vegan dinner rolls in a tray.

Bread Machine Hamburger Buns (No Eggs)
This is a homemade hamburger buns recipe with no eggs. Check out how to make a perfect eggless burger bun dough in the bread machine and bake them in the oven until golden brown.
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Burger buns

Chocolate Cake in Bread Machine (Vegan)
This moist and vegan chocolate cake is one of the easy bread machine desserts. Learn how to make a 2 lb chocolate cake in a bread maker and a chocolate ganache.
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bread machine chocolate cake

Bread Machine Sourdough Bread With No Yeast
Sourdough bread is a leavened bread that is fermented by natural yeast and bacteria in the flour. Checkout how to make a crusty no yeast sourdough bread dough in bread machine with starter (made from flour and water). The dough is allowed to rise slowly for few hours and finally baked in Dutch oven.
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sour dough bread on cooling rack.

Bread Machine Cranberry Walnut Bread
Cranberry walnut bread is a delicious and hearty bread. This vegan, artisan bread can be easily made at home with just 6 ingredients. The dough can be made in the breadmaker and then baked in the Dutch oven.
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Slices of cranberry bread.

French Bread | Bread Machine
French bread is made with only 4 ingredients. Check out this easy homemade bread machine French bread recipe using the bread machine french bread cycle or bake in the oven. This recipe makes a crust 1.5 lb bread machine French bread with all purpose flour or bread flour.
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French bread using bread machine

Tutti Frutti Bread In Bread Machine - Sweet Bread
Tutti frutti bread is a delicious sweet bread made with candied fruit. This is an easy recipe to make eggless tutti frutti bread in bread machine.
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Tutti frutti bread in Bread Machine

Mixed Berry Jam | Bread Machine
This mouth watering jam is made with mixed berries and will make you crave for more. Checkout how to make this mixed barry jam in bread machines using “Jam” cycle.
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berry jam in a jar

Strawberry Jam in Bread Machine
Yummy, delicious and easy strawberry jam is made in a bread machine using the jam cycle. You can use fresh or frozen strawberries. This recipe makes strawberry jam from frozen strawberries.
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Strawberry Jam in Bread Machine

Sweet and Spicy Peach Jam in Bread Machine
Prepared with fresh peaches, this is a perfect sweet and spicy jam. It goes well with toast or as a dipping sauce for chips. Bread machine simplifies making this recipe to a great extent as you are handsfree after putting all ingredients in the machine container.
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peach jam in jar

Eggless Banana Walnut Cake in Bread Machine
Soft, moist and eggfree banana walnut cake made in bread machine. This can also be made vegan. It is a kid friendly snack and dessert.
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banana walnut cake bread machine

The Best Pizza Dough in Bread Machine
Learn how to make the best pizza dough in bread machine with all purpose flour. Use this pizza dough to make your favorite pizza or thin crust pizza.
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Veg Pizza using Bread Machine

Sweet Mango Pickle (Chunda) | Bread Machine Recipe
Chunda or chundo is a sweet, sour and spicy pickle made with raw mangoes and is a very famous condiment from India. Check out how to make chhunda in a bread machine.
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chundo in bread machine

Roti Chapati | Food Processor | Bread Maker
Roti, also known as chapati or phulka is an unleavened Indian flatbread made with stoneground whole wheat flour or atta. Check out how to knead soft roti dough in a bread maker or food processor and make round roti easily.
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Poori (Puri) - Indian Deep Fried Puffed Bread
Poori or puri is Indian deep fried puffy bread made with whole wheat flour. Learn how to make dough in a food processor or a bread machine, how to roll poori in poori press, and make puffy deep fried bread.
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Deep fried puri or Indian puffed bread in a pink tray

Focaccia - Bread Machine Recipe
Focaccia bread is a flavorful Italian bread seasoned with herbs and olive oil. This is an easy vegan recipe to make rosemary focaccia bread with all-purpose flour in a bread machine and bake it in an oven.
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two triangles of focaccia bread on a round cheeseboard.

Flaky Indian Flatbread | Laccha Paratha
Flaky Indian flatbread or laccha paratha is a vegan, multilayered, unleavened, Indian bread. It is served in restaurants with Indian cuisine. Flaky flatbread is easy to make at home and you can also make ajwain paratha by adding carrom seeds.
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3 Layered flaky flat bread in a plate.

Pumpkin Bread Rolls (Vegan)
Pumpkin bread rolls or dinner rolls are light, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. They are vegan and easy to make at home. The dough can be made in a bread machine or a stand mixer, shaped into buns, and then baked in the oven until light golden in color. Pumpkin bread rolls are perfect to make in the fall season and for Thanksgiving.
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Pumpkin Dinner Rolls.

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